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Uggy payload - Temperature and ascent rate

25 05 2014   //   Written by Yannick   //   Classified in : HAB  //  Tags : ds18b20, temperature, ascentRate, altitude


Payload has been launched with 2 DS18B20 temperature sensor.
One was inside and another one outside.

There are several ways to “study” graph.
One easy way is to use data from Habitat available on on x-f.lv

External temperature

  • Lower value was -40°C around 10 000 meters. (And possibly after burst)
  • Temperature drop again when the payload is falling very fast after drop.
  • As it is data from Habitat, not the payload itself, there are some missing data.

Internal temperature

  • Lower value is -4°C

Altitude / Ascent rate

  • Ascent rate was around 5m/sec (Expected was 5.5m/sec)
  • Descent rate after burst is 40m/sec
  • Descent rate when landing was around 6m/sec (expected with the parachute size)