Flight chain

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The payload is made with foam, then protected with flashy orange tape for maximum visibility (in the air, and on the ground).

A label explaining it is harmless, with contacts details, is outside and inside the box.

The payload contains:

  • Raspberry Pi Model A
    • Some unused connectors have been removed (RCA..)
    • Running Raspbian
    • MicroSD 8GB
    • SD to microSD adapter
      to limit the risk of the regular SD to be moved away of the slot.
    • Additional capacitor (more details provided in a future post)
    • default 3.3V regulator (could be improved for a future flight)
  • USB Hub
  • 2 x Prolific PL2303 USB toSerial for Radio and GPS.
  • Raspberry onboard serial interface on GPIOs used for administrative tasks.
    • Can go over the 18 Km CoCom limit
    • Commands sent to enable the “Flight mode”
  • Radio Radiometrix NTX2 434.650 MHz
  • Homemade quater wave ground plane antenna
  • 3G USB Key Huawei K3565 used to send coordinates by SMS on the ground
  • Relay to control power of 3G/SMS USB Key (powered only after burst and under 2000m)
  • Sensors
  • Raspberry PI Camera - 5MP
  • Canon A590IS - 8MP
  • Battery Romoss 5V / 5200 mAh


  • Braided Nylon Cord 1mm Required by French Civil Aviation Authority / ICAO - Separation force limit 230 N