Raspberry Pi Camera

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One of the 2 cameras used is the “official” Raspberry Pi camera


  • Price: 24€
  • Very light (3g)
  • 25mm x 20mm x 9mm
  • 5 MegaPixels / 2592x1944
  • Also supports 1080p30
  • Powered by the RaspberryPi.

Script informations

  • To prevent filling all the SD card, I created a container of a fixed file size, mounted it with mount -o loop and ask the script to store pictures into that specific directory. This way the photos can’t fill all the system partition.
  • Script has been configured to take more photos at high altitude, and less photos at low altitude.
  • Script add in the filename, time (seconds from 1970) and the altitude. This give us an incremental viewing and let us know easily the altitude of each picture without having to read Exif metadata.