Prediction and flight data

Prediction The HabHub Predictor website can be used to predict where the balloon is possibly going to land. You need to enter the folowing informations to compute the prediction: Latitude Longitude Time Ascent rate Burst altitude Descent rate The prediction is displayed on the map, then it’s possible to download the prediction as multiple formats including KML at the top right corner. KML files can be used with Google Earth which is not Open Source but is running fine on Gnu/Linux.
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Raspberry Pi Camera

One of the 2 cameras used is the “official” Raspberry Pi camera Informations Price: 24€ Very light (3g) 25mm x 20mm x 9mm 5 MegaPixels / 2592x1944 Also supports 1080p30 Powered by the RaspberryPi. Script informations To prevent filling all the SD card, I created a container of a fixed file size, mounted it with mount -o loop and ask the script to store pictures into that specific directory.
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Canon CHDK and intervalometer script

One of the cameras used is a Canon A590IS 15€ (second hand) 8 MegaPixels / 3264x2448 Quite heavy Used with 2 Ultimate Lithium Energizer Loaded with CHDK firmware CHDK installation CHDK for Canon Hack Development Kit. This is an open source alternative firmware installed on the SD card that let the user load custom scripts. In our case we want an intervalometer script. Check instructions for your own camera.
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The UGGY payload was containing 2 cameras: RaspberryPi “official” camera Canon A590IS with CHDK firmware Best photos are available on (discontinued on 2023 when migrating server)

First HAB launch - Success

Hi, I successfully launched (and retrieved) UGGY payload on 5 April 2014 in France. I will try to publish on this web site some informations about this and HAB stuff.