Uggy payload - Temperature and ascent rate

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Payload has been launched with 2 DS18B20 temperature sensor. One was inside and another one outside the payload.

There are several ways to “study” graph. One easy way is to use data from Habitat available on on

External temperature

  • Lower value was -40°C around 10 000 meters. (And possibly after burst)
  • Temperature drop again when the payload is falling very fast after drop.
  • As it is data from Habitat, not the payload itself, there are some missing data.

Internal temperature

  • Lower internal value is -4°C (there was some heating small bags inside)

I’s important to keep the electronic components above some limit to prevent issues.

Altitude / Ascent rate

  • Ascent rate was around 5m/sec (target adjusting helium volume was 5.5m/sec)
  • Descent rate after burst is 40m/sec (less “air” in altitude)
  • Descent rate when landing was around 6m/sec (expected with the parachute size)